The proven solution for healthy mushrooms, naturally.

Sylvan, Inc. and DSM Food Specialties have partnered together to provide growers with the ultimate answer to their dry bubble disease problems – Zivion™ M.

What is Zivion™ M?

Zivion™ M is a patent-protected, formulated liquid product that prevents dry bubble disease in white button mushrooms. Compared to other fungicides, Zivion™ M provides better disease control naturally, which results in higher yields and bigger, more firm mushrooms on a higher density bed.

What Makes Zivion™ M so effective?

Zivion™ M has a unique action mechanism that binds to the outside of spores and growing cells, preventing spores from germinating as well as killing the growing cells. Zivion™ M stays on the surface and remains active on the treated area for prolonged periods, increasing your levels of crop protection.

With Zivion Treatment Without Zivion Treatment

For further information, please contact your local Sylvan representative or a DSM representative:
  • Sylvan America East
  • 652 West South Street
  • Kennett Square, PA 19348
  • Phone: +1 610 925 1500

DSM Zivion™ M is a registered trademark of Royal DSM N.V.

Benefits of Zivion™ M:

  • A natural solution to dry bubble disease

  • No resistance build-up

  • Prolonged protection of mushroom beds

  • Easy application using existing equipment

  • Excellent crop safety

  • Improvement of marketable yield