PRODUCTS - Casing Inoculum

Casing Inoculum consists of a sterilised carrier substrate inoculated and colonised with a pure culture of mushroom mycelium. The additional points of inoculum in the CI enhance the development of the mushroom's root system by assisting with the colonization of the casing layer. Casing Inoculum is incorporated into the casing layer to give the grower a safe, consistent alternative to the traditional compost-based casing additive.


  • More uniform pinning and even spread of mushrooms.
  • Improves quality and picking rates by reducing the risk of clumping.
  • Reduces casing to cropping time.
  • Allows for more accurate crop timing.
  • Eliminates the disease risk associated with the use of compost CAC.

As with spawn, Sylvan CI undergoes a very rigorous pre-testing program before it is delivered to customers. CI can reduce the crop growing cycle by as much as 4 - 6 days, depending on the schedule.