ABOUT - Acquisitions & Capital Improvements

Our vision for the future emerges from the roots of our proud history. We continue to strive for excellence in the advancement of our technology, our products and our commitment to customer service.


Multinational Company
Sylvan has developed into a multinational company with locations in 17 countries and almost 400 employees.


1st European Bio Facility
Set up new European Bio facility for the production of innovative fungal products for agricultural, food, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical markets.


Snyder Associated Companies
Acquired by the Snyder Associated Companies, Kittanning, Pennsylvania, along with two other long time shareholders and officers of Sylvan. Snyder Associated Companies has operations in mining of bituminous coal, limestone and sand & gravel, oil & natural gas exploration, manufacturing and agri-business, among others.


China, Fuxin
Set up of sales and distribution facility.


Canada, Ontario
Construction of Sylvan’s 10th Spawn production facility.


Ukraine, Kiev
Set-up sales and distribution facility.


Poland, Poznan
Construction of sales distribution facility.


USA, Kennett Square
Acquisition of J.B. Swayne Spawn facility in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania.


South Africa, Pretoria
Construction of Sylvan’s 9th spawn production facility.


Mexico, Mexico City
Set-up Sales and distribution facility.


Ireland, Navan
Acquisition of International Mushrooms Ltd. Sylvan’s 8th spawn production facility worldwide.


2nd Dedicated Inoculum Facility
Construction in Langeais, France of the world’s most advanced spawn inoculum facility.


France, Expansion of Quality Assurance
Expansion of trial growing rooms for quality control in Langeais, France.


Hungary, Dunaharaszti
Construction of Sylvan’s 7th spawn production facility to serve Eastern Europe.


The Netherlands, Horst
Capacity expansion to meet demand for increased Sylvan spawn sales throughout Europe.


Dedicated Quality Assurance
Construction of a dedicated quality assurance testing facility in Kittanning USA.


Turkey, Ismit
Set-up of sales and distribution facility.


Dedicated R&D Facility
Construction of a new research and product development facility at Kittanning, USA.


Australia, Windsor, N.S.W
Construction of Sylvan’s 6th spawn production facility.


Dedicated Inoculum Facility
Construction of a state-of-the-art inoculum facility at Kittanning, USA.


UK, Yaxley
Plant modernised by conversion to Sylvan’s production technology.
1994 USA, Dayton
Doubled capacity to meet increased demand for spawn.
1994 The Netherlands, Horst
Construction of Sylvan’s 5th spawn production facility.
1993 Russia, Moscow
Set-up of sales and distribution facility.
1993 Quality Assurance
Expanded and improved quality assurance and testing facilities worldwide.
1992 UK, Yaxley
Acquisition of White Queen Ltd, a leading spawn producer in the UK.
1992 USA, Dayton
Construction of Sylvan’s 3rd spawn production facility.
1992 Switzerland, Gossau
Acquisition of Hauser Champignonkulturen AG, a European producer of spawn and related products.
1991 Italy, Verona
Acquired sales and distribution facility.
1991 France, Langeais
Acquisition of Somycel SA, Europe’s leading spawn producer, making Sylvan the leading provider of spawn worldwide.
1990 International Expansion
Initiated international spawn expansion through exports to Ireland and the Netherlands.
1981 USA, Kittanning
Construction of Sylvan’s 1st state-of-the-art spawn production plant, serving the USA and Canada.
1946 Sylvan Established
Sylvan Spawn established as the spawn production department of Butler County Mushroom Farm, USA.